The Power of Surprise Rewards in Business-to-Business Loyalty Programmes

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Surprise Rewards

Customer loyalty programmes have become an essential tool for businesses to retain and engage their customers. However, traditional loyalty programmes often lack the excitement and motivation needed to keep customers actively participating. This is where gamification comes into play.

Surprise Rewards

The Magic of Unpredictability

Research suggests that unpredictability plays a key role in maintaining client interest. According to a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, incorporating elements of surprise into loyalty reward schemes can significantly enhance customer responses.

Loyalty Programs

The anticipation of what might come next keeps customers intrigued and engaged, fostering a stronger connection between them and the business.

Another study found that the most successful loyalty schemes are those that incorporate an element of surprise. This unpredictability not only keeps customers enthralled but also makes the programme more opaque, adding another layer of intrigue

The Impact of Surprise Rewards on Brand Evaluations

Surprise rewards aren’t just exciting; they also have the potential to positively influence brand evaluations.

Surprise Rewards

According to research in the Journal of Business Research, surprising customers with rewards can enhance their intrinsic motivation, encouraging them to engage more deeply with the brand and its offerings.

Surprise Rewards

Examples of Surprise Rewards in Action

So, how might you include surprise rewards in a loyalty programme? One approach is to offer unexpected discounts or benefits based on customer behaviour.

So, how might you include surprise rewards in a loyalty programme? One approach is to offer unexpected discounts or benefits based on customer behaviour.

For instance, some clients have found that unexpected rewards and exclusive perks, such as special discounts and personalised offers, played a pivotal role in retaining valuable customers who loved be surprised.

Another approach is to provide special rewards that enrich consumer-brand relationships. A study in the Journal of Marketing Communications found that such rewards could significantly strengthen these relationships. For instance, a department store’s loyalty programme offered small, surprising gifts, which prompted a positive response from customers6.Although low value, these gifts had an effect on customer loyalty way over their perceived value, simply because they arrived unannounced.

The Long-Term Impact of Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programmes, particularly those featuring surprise rewards, can have a significant long-term impact on consumer purchase behaviour.

Loyalty Programs

Research in the Journal of Marketing found that consumers who started with low usage levels changed their behaviour as much or more than moderate and heavy buyers when engaged with a loyalty programme. This suggests that surprise rewards can effectively motivate clients to explore new offerings and deepen their engagement with the business.

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We have discovered that surprise rewards are a powerful tool in business-to-business loyalty programmes. They generate excitement, promote engagement, and can positively impact brand evaluations. As more businesses recognise the value of these unexpected bonuses, we can expect to see them become an increasingly common feature of successful loyalty programmes. We are using them in many of our programmes with positive results for a low investment.

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