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The bell curve is shifting when it comes to brand loyalty – are you moving with the change in the tide?

What is Consumer Loyalty?

The definition of consumer loyalty is pretty obvious. But the real question is ‘Is it actually achievable?’

Some of the giants like Apple seem to have nailed it with ease, so you know it is possible. Not easy, but possible.

How do you get the mix of brand values, rewards, recognition and relationships just right to create loyalty? We are passionate about all things loyalty and can tell you it is 100% doable. We will show you the case studies when we meet.

The Wise Marketer, an industry-leading publication, states that ‘Truly loyal customers are the golden ticket to profitability and higher capital valuations’. We agree.

Why are we New Zealand’s Leading Consumer Loyalty Provider?

25 Years’ Experience

We know what works. Full stop. We have earned our badges by walking the talk. We are battle hardened.

You don’t want a surgeon performing their first operation.

The Power of Applied Knowledge

With the largest number of Certified Loyalty Marketing Professionals (CLMP) per capita in the world, we know the science.

But our team have been doing this for so long we have a clear intuition of the next direction.

Dozens of Happy Customers

We don’t pride ourselves on how many customers we win, but on how many we keep. We have customers for over 15 years who are like family to us.

But that’s not why they stay. It’s that we deliver a clear return on investment – year on year.

The Stats

Attracting a new customer costs 5x as much as keeping an existing one

Source: Forbes, 2018

69% of people say that they are more likely to try a new brand if it has a loyalty programme

Source: Annex Cloud, 2018

73% of people say that they recommend brands with good Loyalty Programmes

Source: Bond Loyalty Report, 2019


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Programme Scoping, Implementation and Delivery Process

Meet Incentive Solutions

From scratch and win games in service stations, to building some of New Zealand and Australia's largest loyalty programmes, to becoming the leading data-driven marketing agency you see today.

It's been a great 25 years.

One thing has stayed the course throughout we're all about delivering profitable growth to our clients.

Yes, some of our methodology has changed. New technology, tools and data have allowed us to do more with less.

Data is impressively insightful, showing us patterns others don't see. These patterns guide our solutions.

Our data experts interpret this to ensure businesses can make informed decisions that lead to their strategy succeeding. It's about not flying blind.

We are proud to be at the forefront of the industry, partnering with market-leading clients across APAC and the USA. Every day tens of thousands of people across the globe engage with our programmes to stay informed, shop for rewards, receive training, and nurture company culture.

Ready to open a conversation?

Our initial conversations are all about understanding your specific needs, finding out if there’ll be a positive return on investment from working with us and making sure it feels right. No long term commitments – just highly valuable conversations. We will get in touch within 48 hours.