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The Essential Guide to B2B Loyalty

An e-book published instalments by our US company, Reward Paths.


Improve your journey to B2B loyalty and sales performance.

Business-to-Business (B2B) marketers have a special set of customer loyalty imperatives that set them apart from consumer marketers. In B2B environments, the 80-20 rule can become the 90-10 rule. Strong customer relationships (from large corporate clients with large demands to the myriad small clients who expect to be treated like the big brands) can spell the difference between profit and loss. Your B2B relationship needs to be built on clear strategy, usable data insights and customer personalisation.

Clients choose Incentive Solutions because we understand B2B loyalty and sales performance better than anyone. Our robust, nimble loyalty platform can help you recognise and reward your best customers to build stronger, more profitable relationships. Our strategic experience, member relationship management and agility ensure they stay that way.

To improve your journey to B2B loyalty, contact Incentive Solutions today.


Our approach

Proven programme strategy and design, operations and rewards expertise, smart communications and affordable, "best of class" technology.

While customer loyalty and incentive programmes have become ubiquitous in the consumer sector, business-to-business marketers have often been unable to secure the same capabilities and expertise at affordable costs. The result? To retain their best customers, B2B marketers have been forced to rely on undifferentiated and undisciplined incentive campaigns.

Incentive Solutions fill the void created by the lack of a disciplined, data-driven approach to B2B loyalty.

For a measurable long-term B2B performance, contact Incentive Solutions today.

Our platform - Incentive Control

If your loyalty technology platform is too cumbersome to run, too expensive to maintain, or unable to foster profitable customer behavior changes, then why bother?

While there are many loyalty management systems, most are either designed for large global enterprises with big budgets, or are off the shelf solutions with only a limited set of capabilities, support and deliverables.

Incentive Control™ our cloud based technology platform delivers a robust, nimble, and affordable incentives management system that adapts seamlessly to your business needs. Incentive Control works with your existing database, sales, and customer management systems to enable any programme design – with points, rewards and incentives, reward catalogues, redemptions, detailed analytics tools, gamification, leaderboards, tactical campaigns, and even reward auctions capabilities–all in a fast, secure and affordable environment.


Incentive Solutions suites include


    Experienced and affordable programme design and consulting services that can help you navigate your way down the optimal B2B incentives and loyalty path.



    Our suite of analytical models and data-driven design tools created to help uncover the unique customer DNA that delivers superior programme results.



    Our affordable, transparent and customer-friendly programme design, management, reward sourcing and service delivers compelling, unique and differentiating reward content that excites and motivates.



    Our cloud-based, best-in-breed programme delivery and reward management system (Incentive Control) offers unprecedented choice, flexibility, customisation and visibility.



    Our communications strategy and design services deliver programme and customer engagement across web, print, and mobile channels to drive superior programme results.


Case Study

Plumbing the Depths of B2B Loyalty

How one plumbing supplier achieved a double-digit increase in market share

A plumbing supply company experiencing flat sales wanted to explore a B2B loyalty strategy designed to motivate plumbers in the mid-tier market to shift more share to their operation. Enter Incentive Solution. After a thorough examination of the company’s business model and financials, we designed and launched a 6-month trial programme constructed around specific outcomes, and targeted goals for each individual plumbing company. Find out how Incentive Solutions helped our client generate a market share increase of approximately 10 percent.

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The Consumer Inside

The ten essential components of B2B loyalty programmes

Customer loyalty is arguably more important in business-to-business industries than it is in consumer industries. That’s because, in B2B firms, the 80-20 rule is sometimes the 90-10 rule: the top 10 percent of your customers can account for 90 percent of your profit. By identifying the key purchasers and influencers in your client organisations and then building relationships with them that mimic relationships in the consumer world, you can increase the retention, yield, and lifetime value of your best customers. Here are the ten steps to finding the consumer inside your business client and building loyalty that lasts.

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